The BodySong Massage Center and School

Listening to the Body’s Wisdom for Healing

Welcome, to the BodySong Massage Center & School. Located in Novato, we are the North Bay’s premiere location for the experience and education of transformative bodywork and healing.

Rachael is a truly gifted healer and teacher.

I am a novice bodyworker and just finished her Developing Energetic Presence workshop. It was a deeply moving and expanding experience that continues to reverberate in my life in a profound way. I am so grateful to have met Rachael and to have the opportunity to work with her again in the fall for her Matrix of Healing series. Rachael and The BodySong are bright lights shining out from a beautiful hill in Novato. We are so fortunate to have them in our community!

Nicole Howell Neubert

BodySong Massage

Unlock deep lying traumas and unwind contraction patterns to find lasting wellness with a BodySong Massage.

Our empathic and highly trained BodySong practitioners will dissolve your tensions and return you to your natural self.

If you are a bodyworker you can learn Rachael’s groundbreaking discoveries for yourself by becoming a student of The BodySong School.

BodySong School

As a BodySong student, you will be educated in the transformative and revolutionary discoveries of Rachael Angelese. The BodySong School will equip you with the groundbreaking insights and skills to transform your practice from Technician to Healer. We offer a range of programs tailored to level-up your skills from beginners to advanced.

The miracle of Rachael’s work is rooted in her profound discovery of The Golden Path – an awareness of an edge of energy that exists within the body.

It’s like catching a wave in the ocean. When you are right on that wave something opens up – like a key – effortlessly taking you somewhere.

Rachael Angelese

By deeply recognizing, understanding, and working with this wave-like energy, the practitioner uses The Golden Path to allow the body, mind and emotions to unwind, and the whole system to regenerate.

The BodySong Massage Center & School
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