Expand your mastery in the art of Intuitive Healing with BodySong’s Developing Energetic Presence.

This unique and innovative program will ignite your ability to identify and harness your energetic potential and unleash it’s power to effect profound and lasting change.

It is the definitive introductory program for understanding and developing your gifts as a quantum healer.


Developing Energetic Presence is a program tailored to people who would like to expand their awareness and understanding in the art of energetic and intuitive healing.

At the heart of the BodySong method is an approach to healing that acknowledges and understands the human being as a holistic, energetic, and constantly changing experience-phenomenon.

The wisdom presented in this workshop will equip you with a suite of dynamic and creative techniques in which to connect to the limitless potential of your present moment experience and direct it towards true transformation.

I am so grateful to Rachael’s teaching expertise along with her incredible knowledge of somatic energy and how I, as a practitioner, can better access this energy in order to help my clients. As I applied what I learned from Rachael, my clients were ecstatic with the results. As I worked on them, I found myself so engaged that the sessions took on a whole new dimension. I was able to find these blocked areas, and experienced their breath patterns change and the held muscular tension relax! I could feel their presence with my touch, it was natural, and it was truly bringing the Divine into my work.

Susan Atamaniuk, CMT

Who will benefit from this program?

This program does not require anatomical or physiological knowledge, and is open to anyone who seeks to deepen their practice of self-awareness.

Developing Energetic Presence will open new doors for bodywork practitioners who are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the energetic truths that underpin and influence their capacity to heal. It will vastly improve your ability to enable transformative breakthroughs within your clients, and establish continuous perpetual healing.

It can also be especially beneficial for people who want to deepen their capacity for experiencing energy and movement within themselves and others. It will add new dimensions to your capacity for intimacy with family and loved ones, and greatly enhance the abilities of persons in care-giving professions such as Palliative Care, Midwifery and Disability Therapy.


The groundbreaking tools and techniques revealed in this program are rooted in a synthesis of wisdom that are founded upon the two pillars of the BodySong – The Infinity Wave, and The Golden Path method. These concepts are communicated and woven into a range of group-based and interpersonal activities centered around Sense Learning, Intention and Observation, Movement, Sound, Meditation and Embodiment. The course also includes numerous opportunities to work directly with Rachael one on one.

Rachael’s unique and innovative teachings will empower you to:

  • Explore the genius and magnitude of your unique sensory cosmos
  • Awaken to the gifts of the present moment
  • Dissolve deeply held traumas and inhibitions
  • Become a powerful vehicle for compassion
  • Initiate a paradigm shift of transformational healing from within

By cultivating Energetic Presence you take your own life experience much deeper into the divine magic that is the present moment.

Subjects Covered

  • Tracking Energy
  • Tools for Moving Energy in the Self
  • The Pathway to Your Creativity
  • Understanding Empathy
  • Embodying Intention with the Energy Centers
  • Unwinding Through Movement
  • Sound and Movement Through the Chakras
  • Sun & Earth Grounding
  • Listening to the Body
  • Toning, AOM, Centers
  • Soul Dance, Heart Witness
  • Guided Meditation in Observing Physical & Emotional Body Patterns


Date Sunday, May 26, 2019
Time 10am – 5pm
Contact Hours 6 hours
Price $135
Prerequisites None