Rachael Angelese

Rachael Angelese is a uniquely gifted Master Healer, Educator, Bodyworker, and Cancer Survivor. She was raised riding waves and horses in rhythm with nature and has spent her life immersed in the oceanic graces of New Zealand, Hawaii, and Northern California.

Her life’s wisdom includes over 19 years of experience in the healing and transformational modalities of Advanced Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage), Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage), Deep Tissue, Triggerpoint Therapy, Reflexology, and Pregnancy Massage.

In 2007, Rachael had a severe and life threatening encounter with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her subsequent triumph over this healing crisis instigated a paradigm shift in her deepest self, and became the catalyst for unlocking the mystery of self-initiated quantum healing at the very deepest levels.

Rachael has since established The BodySong School as a means in which to integrate her rich expertise and deep intuitive sensitivities into a new and dynamic bodywork method – The Golden Path.

She brings a powerful synthesis of energetic and structural approaches to the art of transformational healing and offers deep, heart-guided intuition and compassion in all that she does. Her work will take you to the summit of your energetic potential and keep you there.




Client Testimonials

I experience incredible pain relief from my sessions with Rachael. Her unique skill for bringing together physical and emotional healing is unlike any other practitioner I have worked with. She brings my body to an amazing balance and harmony. Her knowledge and intuition brings her immediately to understand and to feel my body’s map. Her ability to know exactly what needs to be done with each of my trigger points is an art form that is unique to martial artists of the highest rank.


Rachael Angelese has mastered the art of soulful massage. I describe her as not only as a master masseuse, but as being a “body psychic”. She has the true ability and gift to decipher, decode and unravel the source of pain in one’s body and heal it through deep transformative massage and healing touch. In addition to being a skilled massage therapist Rachael Angelese has an enchanting and insightful spirit. She is in a class of her own and it is a genuine privilege to experience her work.

Devorah Jacoby

Expect the unexpected with Rachael. She has a true gift, which goes beyond any kind of massage therapy. I have had many sessions and each one has unraveled deep emotional issues. It is amazing the physical pain and the relationship to my emotions. The best part is she has no judgment and deeply understands the beauty of exposing pain to heal. When she is finished, I feel so much at peace.Thank you so much.

Susan Renaud
Master Healer, The Renaud Effect

I used to think that I needed to get bodywork only when I was in pain, but Rachael has not only elevated me to a new level of awareness in my body, but helped me to integrate that awareness into my whole being — anything in my life that seemed black and white before has blossomed into full technicolor with Rachael’s amazing intuitive touch and healing guidance!

Jy Gronner
The Piano Studio

When I first went for massage with Rachael I had little understanding of what “Body Work” really meant. I discovered that what she really provides is a much deeper and substantive healing experience than “ordinary” massage.I was suffering from physical pain in my neck, lower back and knee. In addition to addressing the physical issues, Rachael brought light to an association of my physical discomforts with deeper emotional and spiritual “pain”. With each session my ailments diminished significantly, and my sense of well-being improved dramatically. I was amazed by her intuition and apparent “sixth sense” when identifying problem areas and ability to work them out.I can truly recommend Rachael. She works with focus and determination to bring health and healing to her clients, and she demonstrates tremendous compassion, care, skill, and professionalism. Rachael is a true healer!

Mark Dean
Mark Dean Photography

The exceptional difference I feel from what Rachael does from anything else I’ve ever tried is that it’s beyond body maintenance- it’s deep body healing and enhancement! She is incredibly intuitive- often providing relief in places I wasn’t aware needed attention. She optimizes my body and allows me to feel great and optimize my life! I’m totally hooked! She’s amazing!

Sara Lahey
Event Planner


Student Testimonials

I have taken many different massage and bodywork classes through many different institutions and I don’t think I’ve had another instructor who gives as much attention to each student as Rachael does. She gives great focus and attention to detail, making sure each participant has a thorough grasp of every technique practiced in the class. Her method of teaching uses effective treatment protocols, extensive knowledge of the anatomy as well as total awareness of the client and their individual needs. I look forward to taking more classes and workshops from her in the future.

Julie McCracken, CMP

Rachael is an incredible teacher who has effortlessly opened me up to intuitive massage. After taking classes with her, my ability to “listen” to a client’s body and to “feel” what needs to be done has flourished. I am absolutely amazed at how fast and how far her teaching has helped me to develop as a healer. She is no less than extraordinary.

Emily Diaz

I had the privelege of working with Rachael as my instructor in the Golden Path.

I learned a whole new level of listening to the body through her and it changed my whole approach to healing.I would recommend this training to everyone who works with people’s bodies. It introduces a whole new level of being able to tune into what is happening with a person.

Shiroko Sokitch, MD
Chinese and Western Medicine

Rachael is a phenomenal teacher – she seems to know exactly what each student needs, and knows how to accommodate different learning styles.Learning “The Golden Path” bodywork has made me a much better massage therapist. I work in a spa and I have a small private practice and I have gotten a lot of referrals based on the techniques I have learned from Rachael. I feel like I am really able to help my clients with their problem areas such as neck, shoulder, low back and glutes, (sciatica). I have been referred to as a “Miracle Worker” by a few of my clients thanks to Rachael’s’ work.

Dee Dee Melmet

Rachael’s teaching absolutely changed my practice – and my life! Since receiving her training, my practice has doubled, my confidence has skyrocketed, and my clients are thrilled! Rachael’s ability to share what she knows and feels is exceptional – she is a true master and a transformative teacher.

Marie T

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March 26, 2018
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April 23, 2018
  • The Matrix of Healing: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Connective Tissue (2-month series March/April)

    Dates: April 23, 2018 - April 26, 2018

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2-month series, 8 classes total March 26-29 (4 classes) April 23-26 (4 classes) 10am - 5pm
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