Transcend your Healing Potential

An unprecedented, game changing course that affords practitioners a NEW methodology that will provide the expertise for full-spectrum, abiding and transcendent healing. The teaching is based on a revolutionary discovery by founder Rachael Angelese, that reveals an extraordinary energy movement that exists within the body. This knowledge is the pivotal key, employed to achieve remarkable healing and to restore integrity of the physical and emotional body.

Through clear articulation of BodySong theory, somatic exercises, and experiential practice, The Matrix of Healing equips participants with pin-point precision to access, assess and direct the dynamic and ever-evolving patterns and rhythms that live within the body.

As BodySong Practitioners, we move the energy in the body like water. We invoke it like a wave, and follow it – so that it can be channeled and redirected towards release. Every person is unique. We listen with our whole body, tapping into the energy of the client, discovering their BodySong.

Founder and Instructor, Rachael Angelese


As bodyworkers, our profession is rooted in an understanding of the material body through the study of anatomy, physiology, posture and structure. Equipped with this technical knowledge, we also bring natural intuition and sensitivity to our work, yet without conscious understanding and direction of the energetic elements, healing can be limited.

Underpinning the physical assemblage of our body is a tapestry of sensation, emotion, trauma, memory, and most importantly – dynamic energy. At the BodySong School, we believe that the fluid and energetic aspects of our experiences are not abstract, secretive, or elevated from daily life, but are very real and highly accessible to us all. Rachael’s innovative method seamlessly integrates the rigor and technique from the world of massage and bodywork, with the limitless potential of conscious energetic healing.

The Matrix of Healing course teaches practitioners a whole new way to approach the body, making the intuitive tangible and physical, and facilitating deep, lasting healing. The practitioner gains critical knowledge needed to actively support the client, unwind protective mechanisms, and encourage emotional and energetic release.

The Matrix of Healing has had a profound influence in my practice of 18 years, opening my heart and eyes wider than ever, and allowing me to integrate years of practical studies into the infinite world of energetics. There is so much to learn from Rachael, and I look forward to studying for many years to come.

I am truly impressed by Rachael’s ability to help her students listen and watch with their whole being. Her attention to detail was extremely important, as she made sure each student had fully understood and could perform the techniques seamlessly.

–  Katrina Aschenbrenner, CMT    Deep Roots Healing Center

The Discovery

The Golden Path and Infinity Wave

Through her extensive and diverse practice and study, BodySong founder Rachael Angelese discovered a wave of energy that moves through the body like water in the ocean. She calls it The Infinity Wave. She has developed a remarkable method to engage, assess and direct its flow that she calls The Golden Path.

When this wave-like movement in the body is circulating, it feels smooth, like the infinite motion of a wave. When this infinite flow becomes compromised or stagnant, it is an indication that there is a problem in the body. Rachael has learned to feel and understand this wave in the tissue of her clients. In teaching The Golden Path – her students learn visceral consciousness of this Infinity Wave, enabling them to follow its edge and move congested energy thereby restoring balance, and creating continual harmony in their clients’ systems.

The Contraction Theory

Balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic

Key to Rachael’s discovery is the clear identification of contraction-patterns in the body. These contracted states can be physical manifestations based upon an overdependence on our sympathetic nervous system (our fight-or-flight response) and are also inherently connected to our emotions.

In this course, Rachael illuminates and brings awareness to these protective contractions which present themselves:

  • Systemically, in the whole body
  • Through Body-lines and Torques
  • Synergistically, where one part of the body protects another

The Matrix of Healing teaches practitioners techniques to become aware of these protective tendencies, and to guide the client’s awareness and presence into the body, towards the reawakening of a parasympathetic state – the breath, the heartbeat, the natural rhythm. The parasympathetic is restorative, and it is only from this state that the body can unwind and prepare to heal.

Upon achieving the parasympathetic state, the practitioner continues to work with the Golden Path – tracking the movement of the Infinity Wave in their client, assessing it, activating the release of contractions and possible associated emotions to create optimal healing.

Students are equipped with a storehouse of tools that include practical knowledge of tendons, joints, vertebrae, meridians, acupressure points, triggerpoints, and chakras. Instrumental in this learning are methods to support the client, ignite their awareness, and enable them to participate in their own healing process.

Beyond intuition, beyond anatomy, beyond even energetic healing – the Matrix of Healing offers students specific new skills with infinite possibilities – as big as the ocean. This course, with it’s revelatory concepts, and practical, experiential implementation, establishes an essential foundation of elevated expertise and confidence that every practitioner can immediately apply to their practice.

Course Overview

The Matrix of Healing will provide you with an in-depth experiential education in the essential foundation behind the BodySong teachings – Infinity Wave energy, The Golden Path method, and Contraction Patterns.

It will show you how to integrate these pieces into your existing practice thereby allowing you to achieve the following outcomes:

  • An experiential understanding of the theories and concepts behind energetic presence
  • The capacity to experience and cultivate this energetic potential within yourself
  • The insight and skills to perceive what is energetically occurring within your clients
  • The ability to find and release sympathetic-state Contraction Patterns in your clients
  • A concrete understanding of the dynamic interchange between you and your client through extensive one-on-one exercises
  • Expertise with tools for directing and releasing stagnant energy within your clients and thereby achieve transformative breakthroughs

A total mastery in this method will show you how to reawaken a person’s own healing potential such that they learn to heal themselves.

Summer Class Details (Please note: THIS CLASS IS FULL)

Duration 3-Month Series
Dates June 26-29, July 24-27, August 21-24, 2020
Days Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Time 12pm – 7pm
Contact Hours 72 CE hours
Price Regularly $1800
(Deposit of $400 paid by May 29, 2020)
Includes Manual
Please ask about payment plans!

The Matrix of Healing is designed for people who already possess a background in an anatomical or physiological bodywork practice of some kind. For those who do not possess a background in this area we highly recommend the Developing Energetic Presence course as a means to connect to the BodySong work.